Camry veers off road and crashes – Milperra NSW

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Description: ” The accident happened in front of our vehicle this morning (3/8/17) at Newbridge road, Milperra… either he was texting or had a micro-sleep and overcompensated.. he was OK though, but shocked…vehicle is a write-off” Thanks to Arnel

45 Replies to “Camry veers off road and crashes – Milperra NSW”

  1. Street Heat

    It's hard to ascertain what's happened here. It is concerning that the driver hasn't gotten out of the vehicle, that makes me think a health issue as almost all people will get out of vehicle after an accident and that wasn't a particularly big accident.

  2. Mark Aylott

    Not an accident, no medical problem here. (Willy Nelson song) He's on the phone again, he just cant wait to get on the phone again, swerving all over the lane, he missed th tree but his wallet will feel the pain.

  3. OzzieBloke

    Now imagine if there was someone on the footpath. If he was texting, that should be an automatic loss of license for 5 years and 1 year in the clink. If he suffers from "microsleep" he should lose his license permanently because he's a danger on the road. Take a bus, you muppet.

  4. Cqc 7K

    0:17 Imagine if they had lost control and hit that guy waiting for the bus! Using your phone while driving should result in a license suspension and a way bigger fine. Repeat offenders can have their car sold off at auction.

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