Indonesia: AirAsia crash is a “worst nightmare”- Airline CEO

AirAsia Chief Executive Tony Fernandes described the recent AirAsia Flight QZ8501 tragedy as “an airline CEO’s worst nightmare” during a press conference in Surabaya, Tuesday.
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2 Replies to “Indonesia: AirAsia crash is a “worst nightmare”- Airline CEO”

  1. PpAaCrew AirAsia

    They are growing in a very smart way. dont get touched with tony's message, Everyone deep in their heart its a big lost, and they are in a big trouble, hundred of lives gone so fast, but think of why it happened from the 1st place. They have promoted Capt. & Flight attendant so fast not knowing that its a human error related not just bad weather. 

  2. dj cubical

    AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes dumped 944,800 shares in Tune Insurance Holdings Bhd, the organization that provides travel insurance for AirAsia passengers, just days before the disappearance of Flight QZ8501.

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