The girl died in an accident during a live broadcast: a video

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38 Replies to “The girl died in an accident during a live broadcast: a video”

  1. MrMJmusicLover

    This is Fake. Number One. The tint from inside the car is purple, but it's black from the outside. Second, it doesn't appear that she's wearing the seat belt, if the crash was that severe, she should have been thrown from the vehicle or at least hanging half way out of the window of the passenger side. Thirdly, there should be way more blood running down the side of the passenger side door than that from a hard fatal impact like that. This is a staged accident to advocate safe driving.

  2. FantaSia Zamarripa

    WoW! she took her eyes off the road multiple times for split second at least I couldn't believe this I'm to scared to reach for my phone while driving if a text or call comes in heck w that I'll call them back not worth it

  3. stephen

    All the details match…. If you people would actually pay fucking attention…. And not be so dumb… The scene recorded after was not on her phone. It was all put together for the this video. Reasons being to probably show people not to be a jackass when you drive….

  4. Jonathan Randall

    Gotta be fake. This video was clearly edited. So the first part shows her driving, then follows the impact. How do you explain the added footage of someone filming the aftermath directly after the impact. This is not the original video. If it was real then the original was edited

  5. Saeki_Natsuko


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