What Is Enlightenment, Awakening of Ankit Saxena

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Following is an attempt to express what happened the day Ankit Saxena was awakened.

After doing meditation regularly for around 10 years, on 2nd July 2015, at around 8 P.M I locked myself in a room without windows at my home. Turned off the lights and sat for meditation with a determination that I won’t get up until I get an answer to the question ‘Who am I’.

Stage 1:…

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  1. chiranthi Suras

    In budhisum, Arhat is someone who’s fully enlightened. Every moment arhat experience the complete reality. Every moment arhat aware that his feeling and thoughts are just a result of the consciousness.  He knows that his feelings or thoughts are not the actual thing in the outside. He knows he can never experience the outside in its true form. Then he do not get
    attach to the outside. He is no longer ignorant. He has awaken from the sleep.Ignorance is you are thinking that you create your thoughts and you have the control of yourself.
    The wisdom is realising that you are just a creation of the universe/nature. You
    are just a part of the universe. Do you really control you? Just examine your thoughts and see whether you know them before
    they arise. Can you stop them coming. Reality is, all this is just a creation
    of universe/nature. We just take ownership just because of ignorance. Nirvana
    is realising the absolute nature of the thoughts or feelings when you
    experience it.When seeing a flower knowing that this is just an image created because of the conciousnes, understanding
    that we can never see the actual flower in the outside. (because the image of
    the flower is different (relative) to the lenses you use, eg: microscope). Then
    you do not get attached to the image created in the mind. Then you are in
    nirvana. Practice this every moment is the path to enlightenment.One day if someone realises that every moment he experience the thought or feelings are
    just a result of consciousness, or in its reality, he is Arhat.

  2. Stephen Kirby

    An individual's mind does not get made-up with that individual’s enlightenment, it gets made-open…
    When an individual’s mind gets made-open by the truth, he or she discerns how silly an individual is who has his or her mind made-up…

    Enlightenment is nothing less and nothing more than the process of unendarkening yourself.

    Enlightenment is nothing less and nothing more than the process of removing from your subconscious mind the biases and influences you received and accepted as knowledge in your youthful and formative years.

    Enlightenment does not involve a human concept of a god, or of mysticism, or of spirituality, or of magic, or of a supernatural anything.

    Unendarkenment is only possible by practicing the utilization of your own ‘’genius’’ capable reasoning and logic faculties, your own ‘’genius’’ capable conscience, and your own ‘’genius’’ capable common sense.

    If you would like assistance with your unendarkenment, contact thehappierproject@gmail.com

    The assistance is offered free of any commitments or costs.

  3. El Mica G

    ive been so close yet so far, thank you for sharing, i was having serious doubts in a dark oblivion and found this which brought me back into myself..its really generous of you..most try to obscure the truth for some reason nobody knows or cares for but you knowing you have it all doesnt need to…ultimate blessings to you! Now immortality-yes…

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